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SQL/R A.03.00 Systemd support

systemd is a replacement framework for the System/V init scripts to manage services and is used by contemporary Linux distributions.

As of A.03.21, SQL/R on the Linux platform preferably uses systemd to manage services, where available. The systemd sqlr2.service unit file provides similar functionality to the SQL/R SystemV start/stop script.

When updating existing installations the previous System/V script is retained to maintain close compatibility. If the file /etc/init.d/sqlr2 is present during installation then systemd is not used.

The SQL/R service is not enabled by default. The systemctl enable command is used to enable the services for start on system restart.

systemctl enable sqlr2.service

The systemctl start command is used to start the enabled SQL/R service (requires root).

systemctl start sqlr2.service
systemctl stop sqlr2.service
Once enabled, the alias sqlr.service (or sqlr) may also be used.

Changing system wide systemd services requires root permissions. Using sudo (with an appropriate sudoers entry) may be used to allow users to start/stop SQL/R service without unlimited root access.