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Creating the SQL/R example database

SQL/R ODBC includes an example database. It is is primarily intended for use with the SQL/R tutorial. However, its also an easy starting point when exploring the SQL/R product.

The SQL/R example database is available with German or English table and item names. The instructions below demonstrate how to install the English version. Please find instructions to install the German version at the end of the document.

The following commands create the SQL/R example database in the default eloqdb server

cd /opt/sqlr2/share/db.e/
schema db.schema
dbcreate db
dbimport -vs db.exp db
This creates the database "db" and imports the data.

To make the database accessible as a DSN please adjust the odbc.dsn configuration file as below:

[SQL/R Example]
Repository = /opt/sqlr2/share/db.e/db.rep

To install the German version, please replace all instances /opt/sqlr2/share/db.e with /opt/sqlr2/share/db.g.